There's a famous quote that says...


“Everyone has a gift, but not everyone opens the package “


For as long as I can remember my voice has been my gift.. AND I OPENED THAT BOX!!!!


I channeled that gift as a Reporter, Anchor , Talk show Host and now Voice-over Artist.  So how does a girl born in Barbados, raised in the suburbs of Chicago , who now lives in D.C. end up in the  Voice-over industry?


Easy, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.


From the camera man to my first voice over coach , I knew my voice had the power to transform...


I’ve delivered recording projects ranging from Informative Health First Awareness Commercials in my West Indian Tongue , set a Corporate tone for women of the year Intel recipients and shined a compassionate light on the need for E-learning tutorials for students in Africa.


Industry professionals describe my voice as trustworthy, believable, warm, approachable and authoritative. I believe everyone has the potential to live their dreams.


Allow my voice to bring your dream project alive!